A new Google-branded app has just been released that will let kids learn to use the iPhone and iPad in a way that they never have before.

    Kids Learning, a new app that is built around a new way to interact with Google’s Android operating system, lets children learn to surf the web on the iPhone without having to be a developer.

    The app uses the same approach Google uses to build its own web search engine, which has helped it build up a large following of parents that have been using the app for years.

    It uses the familiar Android interface to interact through the browser, and also lets children play games like Minecraft and Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which allow them to build the game they like, without needing to be the developer.

    Kids learning lets kids use the web in a similar way to what kids can do on Android, which is to look for content and interact with it, rather than have to be one of Google’s own developers.

    Google has been slowly making changes to its Android operating systems over the years, and there are already plenty of tools that have come out for developers that allow kids to create games for Android and to learn on Android.

    In this case, Google is taking a different approach to Android and letting kids learn without needing a developer’s app.

    We can’t tell you exactly what Google is going to do with the app, but the company has said it will let parents control how they interact with their kids using the Android operating platform, and the kids learning app is part of that.

    Kids will be able to play games on the iPad and watch videos on the phone without having a developer app, as well as use the browser.

    The app is still in the early stages of development, and Google has not yet said when it will launch, but it is expected to be released sometime in the fall.


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