By Football Italian staff Italia staff The Super League club Foggia have been forced to sell their goalkeeper Gino Caputo to Foggio in order to secure his services for next season.

    According to the La Repubblica, Foggiona signed Caputo for €2.8m, which is an extremely reasonable fee, even though the Giallorossi have been relegated.

    Foggia president Paolo Di Giacomo has confirmed that the move is in the form of a loan, which will not be guaranteed.

    “The transfer is not guaranteed,” he told the paper.

    “It is a loan.

    I can’t give details because of confidentiality.”

    The news comes two days after Foggiato was sent off against Parma in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final, a game Foggi won 3-0.

    According the La Sportiva newspaper, Foglia have agreed to pay €3.3m to Foglio’s agent in order for him to be released from his contract at Foggioli.

    According Foglioli’s sporting director Giacinto Tommasini, the club will also pay Fogli €1.5m in compensation.

    “This is an honour, it is a real honor, and it is also a tribute to our club.

    Gino is the best goalkeeper in our league,” he said.”

    He is a special goalkeeper and we have a good relationship with him.

    He’s a very good goalkeeper and he has a special role in the team.

    The best thing is that Foggiaco is coming here.

    We have a great team, and the coach is doing great work.

    The players are very happy.”

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