Learn to code, a coding language that has become a major part of the internet and its social interactions, will be available in 2018 as a free online course from Oxford University.

    The new online course, titled Learn to Code: The World’s First 3D Computer, will introduce the basics of computer science and technology through a range of interactive videos, games and other online materials.

    The project, which Oxford University has been working on for the past year, was funded by the British government’s Skills Funding Agency and the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

    Oxford is also working with the UK’s National Science Foundation and the National Centre for Research on Computing and Communications (NCRC) to create and publish the course.

    The National Science Council, a British government body, will make the final decision on the course content and funding, according to Oxford’s press release.

    “It is exciting to see Oxford’s support for this initiative,” said John Dickson, director of the Science and Engineering Education Trust (SED) which is the government’s funding partner for the project.

    “The Government will also continue to work closely with the University and the NCRC to ensure that this innovative learning experience is successful.”

    The course will be offered for free through the Oxford Online Learning platform, which allows students to download and run free courses for free, and can also be accessed through their school’s online resources.

    The courses are being designed to teach students to code by using computer graphics and a range and range of computer-generated interactive videos.

    They will also teach them to program software, from basic programming to more advanced techniques, such as using social networks to build an online community.

    “We’re going to be providing this course to students across the UK, not just in Oxford but across the country,” said David Hill, chief executive of the UK Centre for Computational Education.

    “I think it’s very exciting to have the UK in a position to offer this.”

    The SED has funded a number of high-profile coding courses across the world, including Udacity’s The Next Generation of Coding and OpenCog, and a course for children with disabilities by the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

    In April 2018, the British Academy announced it was funding a new coding course from the UK Government’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STM) Research Centre.

    The course is designed to prepare children for careers in STEM fields, including computer science, mathematics and engineering, and aims to give them the skills needed to develop their technical skills.

    Oxford University also recently announced it had signed a deal to build a new £1bn research centre in Oxford, called the Centre for Computer Vision, with the government backing to support the creation of a new centre to study artificial intelligence and robotics.

    The SSE is also in the process of expanding its online computing capacity with the launch of a £2.5bn centre at Oxford, which is set to include a new 3D printing centre.

    In addition, Oxford University will also be looking at expanding its cloud computing offerings with the creation, installation and maintenance of new and existing 3D-printing facilities, as well as the installation of new virtual and augmented reality technologies, which will allow students to interact with 3D objects through the internet.

    Oxford will also host a competition for the best 3D online courses for students, which was launched in June 2018.


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