By David KarpinskiThe best and the brightest from Silicon Valley, from Facebook to Microsoft to Google to Apple, are graduating from high school and entering their senior year of college.

    And the question is, how much is too much?

    How much should companies pay their employees?

    According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute (KGI), that’s a difficult question.

    KGI says there are roughly 300,000 college-educated engineers in the U.S., with an average salary of $75,000 per year.

    The average salary for a full-time worker with college degrees is $72,500.

    It’s a far cry from the $300,000-plus salaries paid to those who graduated from top engineering schools like Stanford or MIT.

    The report estimates that companies should pay their entire staff between $60,000 and $90,000 annually, depending on the size of their company.

    This number is based on KGI’s 2017 data, which also included salaries and benefits of its U.K.-based employees.

    In other words, the median salary of an engineer is about $100,000.

    That’s not a lot of money.

    According to KGI, engineers earn an average of about $45,000 a year on average.

    So, according to the KGI report, a company should be paying its employees more than $150,000 in salary.

    But this number doesn’t account for the value of the experience they gain from their work.

    “The average experience an engineer will acquire in their lifetime is worth about $15 million, according the report,” the McKinseys say.

    The KGI analysis suggests that companies could pay their engineers even more than that, by paying them as much as $200,000 to $300 in salary per year, depending upon the size and scope of the company.

    For instance, a startup with just 5 employees could offer its engineers as much salary as a Fortune 500 company.KGI says companies should also be thinking about their compensation packages.

    They recommend that companies give employees an incentive to keep learning.

    “While it may be tempting to think of your employees as a valuable resource to your business, it’s also important to remember that they also represent the value your company adds to the world.

    The key is to reward and support the right kind of people to achieve their potential,” KGI say.

    Here are five ways to pay your employees better:Employees who learn to code can make a huge impact on the future of your company.

    “Companies that pay their most talented employees the most are most likely to create more value for shareholders, as well as create the best people in your organization,” KGS says.

    “If you want to increase your value for your shareholders, consider creating a culture where the best and brightest learn to learn and apply their skills,” the KGS report adds.

    If you’re looking to get your employees to learn new technologies, hiring them at an early age can help them get into the workforce in the first place.

    “We can’t have any employees that are in high school at the beginning of their career, so we need to set early goals for them to start learning,” KGP said.

    “It’s a no-brainer to invest in early learning because it’s going to be the key to making sure they stay at your company longer.”

    While many of the biggest companies are now paying employees on a salary scale based on their experience, there are still a lot more companies who are paying their employees based on the number of years they’ve worked at their company, rather than on the years they’re actually there.

    KGP says that these companies can offer more in-house training and apprenticeships than many of their smaller peers.

    For instance, if you’re a small business owner and you’re working with a new technology, it could be worth considering the possibility of paying a senior IT engineer more than a junior software engineer.

    This is because you’re more likely to be able to attract talent with years of experience and to build a team of engineers who are skilled in your technology.

    KGAI estimates that the median wage for a senior software engineer is $80,000, while the median pay for a junior IT engineer is around $60 and $65, respectively.

    “This difference in pay reflects the different roles at different stages of the career,” KGAH says.

    Another important factor in deciding whether to pay the right amount to your employees is your ability to retain them.

    “A great talent acquisition strategy is to have an internal talent pool, a team that’s highly skilled and capable of doing the right things for your company,” KGI says.

    But it’s worth considering how well your company is recruiting and retaining new talent.

    “If you are looking to attract the top talent in your company, it is important to consider the value and impact of retaining them,” KGR says.

    The KGI study suggests that if you have a high turnover rate, you should pay more than what your employees are earning.

    “However, if your


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