Learn how to take a lesson.

    But it’s not just about learning something.

    It’s about what to learn. 

    This is why we use learning as a verb.

    Learn how you can learn to do something you already know you can do, learn how you are going to learn it. 

    If you are learning in the way you learned before, you are not learning.

    If you are learning now, you are learning better. 

    In fact, we all learn differently.

    Learning is about experience.

    Learning is about understanding.

    Learning is about doing. 

    It’s not about what to do, or how to do it, or what you can do.

    It is about what you want to learn about.

    You can learn anything, and do anything. 

    You don’t need to know anything to learn anything.

    If you want to learn something, you don’t have to know that it’s going to make you happy.

    You don’t even need to be happy to learn that it is going to make you happy, or that you can teach it to someone else.

    It makes no sense to learn to dance.

    It does not make any sense to be able to walk.

    You know how to make yourself happy. 

    Learning is like being a professional footballer or a businessperson. 

    And if you are trying to learn something that is difficult, you are not learning anything.

    You are just learning how to move.

    Learn from your mistakes, and learn from how you learned.

    Learn what to avoid, and how to overcome. The best thing you can ever do is to learn from your mistakes. 

    That’s the best way to learn. When you know you are struggling with something, don’t try to go through the motions.

    Don’t move forward. 

    Instead, learn from your failures, and move forward. Learn the rules you need to follow. Be brave. 

    Remember what you learnt before. 

    Learn from what you learned before. 

     Learn what you learned after. 

    Do what is hard. 

    What you learn from the past is the best thing you can ever do and be in your head. 

    Don’t give up. 

    Stop thinking you don’t have to do something. 

    Start thinking you do have to do it. 

    Take responsibility. 

    Always take responsibilities. 

    Find the lessons you want to do, and the time you  need to get there. 

    We are not all going to be learning the same way, and not all learning is going to be for the same thing. 

    But if you are, it’s good to move on.


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