Students in the first grade at a Vancouver school are getting a first look at what they’ll be learning when they take the first steps on the board.

    The school is learning about the different types of skateboards and how to use them for their learning.

    “Our first lesson will be about the difference between a skateboard and a roller skate,” said school board owner and board instructor Brian Paine.

    “We will then be teaching them how to get into the right position and how much weight you should have on the boards.

    We will then teach them how not to fall off the boards.”

    The new board has a new shape and features a different tread pattern, which means it can be used for two wheels and not three.

    “We also got to make sure that we changed the way we make the wheels,” Paine said.

    “The first lesson is going to be about how to put the boards together, so that’s going to include a set of safety tape.

    We also have some sort of tape that’s supposed to help them glide, so we have some safety tape on the sides and a little safety tape over the top.”

    The next lesson is about how we make our boards, and it’s going be about different sizes, and also different kinds of boards, but we’re going to get a little bit more in-depth into how to make a skateboarding board, so it’s more like the new model.

    “Paine said he’s also adding new materials like safety tape and more boards, because the boards are not built like other skateboards.”

    I wanted to make the board that I could use, and that was a very important thing for me,” he said.”

    This is something that I think a lot of people who skateboarding, they don’t have a lot in the way of safety tapes, but this is the first time that they’re going in and learning how to skate.

    I think it’s a great opportunity for them.

    “Pain said he started making boards in the late 1970s, but decided to open up shop in the 1990s to sell his product.”

    I felt like, I could build something that would be really easy for them to skate and still be safe.””

    It’s something that they’ve been building their life around, and I think that was really important to me to make skateboards that I would be able to use.

    I felt like, I could build something that would be really easy for them to skate and still be safe.”

    Prain said his company has also been helping the school make more boards to help get kids into the sport.

    “It’s also a really great way to get them interested in skateboarding and to give them something to look forward to in life,” he added.

    “If they’re really into the hobby, they’ll probably be able find a skate shop or something.”


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