When a young child starts to grow bored with video games or other interactive media, he or she might turn to an internet-connected device, according to a new study.

    In fact, in one study, about 40 percent of children who had grown up in the age of games started using an internet device before they turned to an app.

    And the more time children spend on social media, the more likely they are to use an app, said lead author Lauren Graziano, an assistant professor at Indiana University.

    Grazier said it’s a good idea to start with an app because it’s more likely that the child will pick it up and use it as a learning tool.

    For example, a study released in 2016 by researchers at the University of Michigan found that a child who has access to a tablet as a child will spend a lot of time reading books on the tablet.

    If they were reading books in a computer, they could use the computer to learn on their own.

    “When they go to a computer and read, they’re going to be spending a lot more time on that screen than if they had gone to a book or video game and they were watching a video,” Grazian said.

    In another study, published in 2018, researchers at Cornell University found that children who were younger than age 4 used a smartphone app more often than those who were older.

    The study found that younger children were more likely to start using an app for gaming, while older children were less likely to.

    Gaidian said it also depends on the type of app.

    For instance, while a game like Minecraft or Angry Birds on an iPad might be an easier way for a child to learn, a social learning app like Teach for Change might be a more effective way for the child to understand a task.

    Gays who use apps to learn about LGBT issues also tend to have a higher use of the apps, Grazi said.

    And when it comes to the LGBT community, the study found they were more apt to use apps and apps to help with their gender identity.

    “We’ve been seeing a resurgence in LGBT-focused apps and services, but there are still plenty of places that still need to do research and build a more diverse community,” Gaidi said, adding that there are also many other social apps available for children.

    The findings come as the number of LGBT youth is increasing, and as parents have been more open about the importance of education and parenting for LGBT youth.

    In 2016, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) released the results of a survey of 2,906 U.S. elementary school students, finding that 61 percent of LGBT students have parents who identify as LGBT.

    The NCLR is a nonprofit that helps LGBT youth in the United States.

    It’s been asking parents to share their experiences and find ways to provide education for their children, and they’re finding that the majority of parents are responding to the survey and are supporting their children in educating their children.

    For parents who have a child with a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) identity, Gaidion said there are many resources for them to access online, as well as books and videos on the subject.

    The most important, though, is to keep educating children, Geddion said.

    Parents need to remember that LGBT children are not “a monolith,” Geddi said; they’re not like the rest of society.

    And, they need to be educated and encouraged to learn from their mistakes.

    “It is important to teach children that the LGBT people are just as real and just as valid as everyone else,” Giddi said “and that they have the same right to be proud of their own identities and their own experiences and that we can all come together and love each other and respect each other.”

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