In an effort to reduce the time it takes for soldiers to learn to carry out their mission, the Pentagon is developing a machine learning tool that uses the same methods soldiers use to train for battle.

    The tool, called Active Learning, is being developed by the US Army’s Research and Development Command, or R&D Command, and will be deployed in the field.

    “The R&Ds [Research and Development] team is working to find a way to use machine learning to learn the skills that the soldiers are trained for,” said Dr. Steven Leavitt, the chief of the R&d Command’s R&dn Program, during an interview with Al Jazeera.

    “They’re looking at how to get a machine that learns the skills, the training, the techniques that are used to train soldiers in the first place.”

    The technology will also be used to better understand what soldiers need to do to help them succeed at their mission.

    The idea is to build an algorithm that could be used by soldiers to help train them in a wide variety of situations, including combat, or combat related situations.

    In the first step, the researchers are developing a system that would analyze the soldiers’ training to identify what skills they need to learn in a given situation.

    The algorithm then learns to automatically learn the required skills based on what soldiers already know.

    “We’re using the training in the real world,” said Leaviss.

    “This is really just learning about how to be a soldier, and the next step is going to be how to teach those skills to the human beings that are going to go out on the battlefield.”

    The system would then learn how to use these skills to perform tasks, such as driving a vehicle, to improve soldiers’ overall performance.

    The process of learning, in essence, is like teaching a child to read.

    It’s learning by the book.

    But that’s not the only way the system is used.

    The researchers are also studying how the system would learn to recognize certain objects and objects that soldiers are already familiar with, such the military vehicle that they are familiar with.

    It would then be able to figure out how to perform these tasks better, while keeping up with the needs of the soldiers.

    “That’s the way it’s going to work,” said John Naughton, a research fellow at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

    “It’s just trying to be able, as you say, to be smarter than the humans that are currently there.

    It will be able pick up new skills and it will be capable of learning new skills.

    And then it will use that to become better at whatever it’s doing.”

    Leavisesays the system will also help the system train soldiers to carry on in combat.

    The research team is also looking into how to improve the accuracy of the machine learning algorithm.

    “There’s some work that’s been done on that front, but we’re looking to take that forward, too,” Leavish said.

    “So we’re building an algorithm, we’re developing algorithms, and we’re trying to get that out into the field.”

    The R&ds are also working on ways to use the technology to better train people in other tasks, like building bridges and making repairs.

    They are currently developing a tool called the Bridge-Building Machine to aid soldiers who need help repairing bridges.

    “In the bridge building field, that’s a really big field,” Leaveny said.

    “[Bridge-Building Machines] are actually kind of a prototype, so we have to be careful with what we’re doing.”

    The researchers also are exploring ways to improve how soldiers can work together to improve their performance, like improving communication.

    The project is currently in the early stages of development.

    The system is currently being tested on US Army soldiers, but the researchers hope to expand its deployment to the US and other countries in the future.


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