Learn how to use the audio and video learning pass for your children’s classes.

    A new book by teacher Sasha learning pass gives parents a step-by-step guide to using the audio learning pass to learn their children’s lessons, and it shows how to get the most out of it.

    The book, Learn to Play With Your Kids, was written by teacher Rebecca G. Miller, author of The Happy Little Boy Who Couldn’t Get Enough, and co-author of The Secret Teachings of Anna.

    “My husband and I had been trying to teach Anna how to play, and she was so excited to be doing it,” Miller said.

    “Anna was always looking forward to learning and loving music.

    She loved the sound and she loved playing with music.

    So when we thought of trying to learn the rules for playing music in a different way, we thought it was perfect.”

    Miller and her husband started teaching Anna to play music with their two daughters, who have special needs.

    Anna is a talented singer and songwriter, who has performed with artists including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

    After learning how to read and write, the girls were very excited to learn about music.

    They started playing music and learning how songs were created.

    But after the first week of lessons, Anna had trouble getting through the first few notes.

    “She had a very hard time understanding what was happening,” Miller told News24.

    Anna’s struggles continued for a while.

    Her vocal chords became a problem, and the two girls started asking for her parents to sing.

    “I told her that she needed to just learn what was going on with her vocal chords,” Miller recalled.

    “And that was what I had to do.

    I had a big, loud, big, hard, loud voice, so it wasn’t a very good way to listen to her.”

    Miller said she did her best to teach the girls the basics of singing, and eventually Anna became so good at singing that she became the most popular girl in the class.

    Miller said the hardest part was keeping Anna happy, but she said she was happy that Anna was so much happier and more engaged.

    Miller said that she was able to teach her daughters music that they would never have learned otherwise.

    Learn to Play with Your Kids is available at Amazon for $19.99.

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