Learn a theory, then learn it again.

    A new theory is an idea that explains something, and it can be applied to new situations.

    In a study published in PLOS ONE, researchers at the University of Toronto and Johns Hopkins University asked a group of college students to come up with new theories for a new situation that was presented in an abstract.

    The students had to come to grips with the concept of the concept itself.

    “The more the students came to grips, the more they were able to apply it to the new problem, which in this case was using the idea of a person walking into a house and opening a door,” says James K. Ruggles, a professor of cognitive psychology at the university.

    The theory that led the students to solve the task in the abstract was called the concept, and the students were given a list of 10 possible examples of the house.

    When the students tested their theory, they found that the concept was significantly better than their previous explanations.

    The more they learned about the theory, the better their theory became.

    This was the case for both the theory and the other concepts in the list.

    The theory that worked best was the one that explained how the person walking in the door opened the door, and that the person would be able to use that to open a door in the next scenario.

    “This was a really interesting finding, and we think it’s a really important point,” Ruggels says.

    “It shows that the students could apply the theory to new ideas and problems that didn’t have a very good previous explanation.”

    Ruggues points out that this kind of learning is very similar to how a person learns a new language.

    This study is the first to show that the theory is more important to understand than the other ideas.

    The findings also suggest that students should be more conscious of the fact that the concepts they’re using are not the same as those they’ve been using before.

    Even though the students in the study used the same concepts and the same abstract, the students still found it difficult to apply their new theory to the tasks presented in the problem sets.

    For example, students could not solve the problem set without thinking about the concept and the person.

    They had to figure out which concept to apply first and then learn how to do it in their head.

    The students in this study also did not learn how the door opens when the person enters the house, which is a common problem.

    This means they were not getting the theory across.

    Ruggles says that, when the students use the theory in new contexts, it doesn’t mean they’re learning to solve problems.

    Rather, it means they’re taking a look at the theory of the problem, and then applying it.

    Ruggels and his colleagues are now trying to figure what’s driving this learning process.

    One of the key questions they are trying to answer is how the students’ brains are processing the concepts.

    This research also sheds light on the question of whether learning theories are useful or not.

    As Rugges notes, “It’s a difficult question to answer.”

    It may be that, if the theory doesn’t work for a particular task, students might not be able use it for other tasks.

    “I think one of the important things we should be aware of is that this is just a first step in understanding learning theories,” he says.

    “It could lead to the next step where we want to see whether we can learn from this and apply it elsewhere.”

    The article originally appeared on PLOS Biology.


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