French-speaking students learn remote-learning technologies, but the process often can be daunting.

    The technology is gaining in popularity, and a lot of people are using it for their learning needs.

    French-speaking learners will find a lot to like in this new research from the University of Southern California, which suggests that learning from remote devices such as smartphones is far less stressful than learning from a classroom setting.

    “While a lot people are doing remote learning, it can be difficult to get used to,” said study co-author Christopher M. Gans, a professor of educational psychology at the University at Buffalo.

    Students learn about the world in the context of their environment and, in most cases, only in the first few weeks of the course.

    This study suggests that the learning environment is just as important as the material, and that learning with a remote device can be more manageable than learning on a traditional classroom setting, he said.

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, students in the 2015-2016 school year enrolled in over 100,000 classrooms worldwide.

    About 30% of them have at least one remote-enabled device, while 25% have two or more.

    Gans said that it’s important to remember that, with remote learning systems, you have more options.

    There are a lot more ways to learn, he added.

    For example, students can learn remotely by using the device to view the video content in their class or to study the book or video that’s being taught, for example.

    The remote learning technologies used in the study were Google Home, an Amazon Echo device, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

    As for what students should look out for in the future, the researchers recommend that they stick with using remote devices in the classroom as much as possible.

    While the learning process can be challenging, students learn better with devices that offer them options and flexibility.

    If you have questions about remote learning or the technology that underlies it, you can contact the researchers at [email protected]


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