The best places for Spanish language learning in Spain have been identified by Spanish experts, as they help improve Spanish learners’ communication skills and improve the chances of success in the Spanish language. 

    In order to identify the best place for Spanish learners in Spain, a survey of more than 3,000 Spanish-speaking Spaniards was carried out by the Spanish Agency for Education (AESA). 

    The survey, called “Top Spanish Language Schools,” focused on schools with a maximum enrolment of 300 students or more, offering students and teachers a chance to find out about the best Spanish language schools, which are considered “top”.

    The survey included the names of Spanish-language schools and schools with the highest number of enrolments and the best language teaching in Spain. 

    The study was carried over the last two years, and has revealed that the best schools with their students are the ones that offer a chance of success.

    “Our survey revealed that, among the best, the top 10 were schools that have students from all socioeconomic classes and that are not only located in the wealthiest regions, but also offer Spanish language lessons,” said Cristóbal Vila, the director of the AESA and one of the authors of the study. 

    “They are schools that offer courses that help them teach the language in a positive and constructive way.

    These schools are also the ones where the teachers are passionate about their students’ learning and also provide the best support,” he added. 

    There were some schools that were ranked below the top ten. 

    For instance, in the second place was the school of Laredo, located in one of Mexico’s poorest states. 

    According to the report, the school has 1,400 students, with a total enrolment capacity of 200 students.

    The school also offers Spanish language classes, a language centre, a theatre program and other programs. 

    But in third place was an education centre located in Guadalajara, located a few hours from Guadalavana in the state of Tamaulipas. 

    It has 1.2 million students and an enrolment for 1,000 students, according to the study, and offers Spanish class, a bilingual course and a bilingual tutor. 

    However, the most important reason for ranking the schools as the best is because of the quality of the education and the support provided to the students. 

    Top Spanish language school of Puebla Puebla, located near the border with the state of Tamaculpec, offers a bilingual education, a culture centre, theatre, and a programme for Spanish-speakers in a bilingual environment. 

    They have also created a bilingual theatre and a theatre group, which have a total of 1,300 students, and have also set up an independent centre for bilingual and indigenous students.

    According to a report by the OECD, a school in Mexico with an enrolments of 400 students or fewer is a good place to start learning Spanish. 

    Another important factor in the ranking was the number of teachers, which was considered to be the second-most important factor, with teachers having a positive influence on Spanish learners. 

    This school in the city of Jalisco, for example, has a total capacity of 700 students.

    They also offer courses for Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, among other languages. 

    A total of 2,100 teachers from the city are teaching Spanish in Pueblo, according a report published by the agency. 

    Of course, there are some schools with fewer than 300 students, as the number is low and students have to wait for classes. 

    On the other hand, there were some that offered classes to 300 students.

    In these schools, a total teaching capacity of 1.5 million students is also a good option. 

    Among the schools with an average teaching capacity, there is the school in Mariscal, located just a few kilometers from the border of Tijuana. 

    With a total enrollment of 5,000, it offers Spanish classes, which is the best of the Spanish-medium schools. 

    Although the education centre has been operating for 20 years, it is still a good school with an outstanding reputation. 

    Also in the top five, is a school of La Paz, in El Paso, where there are 1,600 students.

    It has an average of 600 students and a teaching capacity for 1.4 million students.

    This school also has a bilingual cultural centre, which has been offering classes for Spanish and Portuguese for two decades, and also has an independent Spanish-centred cultural centre. 

    La Paz is one of five schools in El Pueblan, located just a few miles from the Mexican border. 

     It also has the most teachers, with 1,800 teaching 1,500 students and 800 teachers. 

    Additionally, the education programme of La Ginebrica, in Mexico City, offers classes for both Spanish and English. 

    At the other end of the scale, there’s the school with the most students,


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