A new study suggests the learning of sign language might be so difficult for young children that they may be in a “bad place”.

    Researchers at the University of Sydney and the University at Albany surveyed 790 children aged 6 to 12.

    They were asked to speak their own language in their own homes, as well as listening to a recording of their parents.

    “Children who have spoken their own sign language at home for a long time may be particularly difficult to teach their own signing skills to,” the researchers wrote in the study.

    There are now around 1.2 million children with a language spoken in their homes, with one in four learning it in their first year.

    While sign language is the most common language for young people, many of the children surveyed said they had no formal training.

    In some cases, children were just being taught sign language.

    Sign language is not taught to children from birth and young children do not usually have formal schooling.

    The study is the first to look at the impact of language learning on learning skills.

    Children who were born deaf and with limited sign language skills were less likely to participate in school than children who had a wide range of sign-language skills. 

    However, for those children who did have formal learning, those who were more likely to speak in their home language, the difference between the two groups was less pronounced.

    This suggests the impact could be more subtle.

    For example, it could be that learning sign can be a challenge for people who are born with limited language skills, particularly those who have a poor understanding of the sign language spoken by others, the study found.

    But it is important to note that this study only looked at the effect of learning sign on children with disabilities.

    It is also important to remember that language learning is not always a good thing, the researchers said.

    Many of the signs children learn from their parents are spoken, and the language they learn from a tutor can have a very different impact than a native speaker, they added.

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