Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a “deep learning” algorithm that can predict the personality of anyone by looking at a video.

    The algorithm is called “Covid” and it’s based on “deep” learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that relies on deep neural networks to process data.

    Covids deep learning algorithm learns by reading a video in a way that’s similar to the way we process text.

    That means it can learn more quickly than a traditional algorithm.

    However, it doesn’t work on all video content, and researchers are still working out how to interpret video accurately. 

    Covido’s algorithm is based on deep learning, but it doesn’ work on all videos, so researchers are trying to understand how to read text accurately in the video source The University of Warwick (UK), which developed the software, says it can interpret text and pictures correctly in up to 90 per cent of videos.

    “We have a very specific goal,” lead researcher John Clements said.

    “We want to find the optimal way to read videos.

    We don’t want to read the text.”

    It reads text, it reads pictures and it then comes up with a prediction for how much of a person is likely to react to a given picture, according to The Guardian.

    Clements said that, with the right amount of training, the algorithm can predict personality.

    “In the next few years, this will be a key part of how we understand how we respond to videos and interact with people,” he said.

    The study will be published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.CVs, a popular video sharing service, said it would begin to use the algorithm.

    “With the help of this AI-based deep learning system, we will be able to create content and video recommendations tailored to individuals based on a single, highly personalized piece of information,” the company said in a statement.

    “Users can watch more videos and see more pictures, share more videos with their friends and watch more content without ever having to click a button or open a tab.”CVS said it’s working with the University to learn how to use it, but there’s no word yet on when the service might begin using it.


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