DCEUS, the DCCU sequel that opened last week in theaters, isn’t going to make a huge splash on the silver screen.

    That’s because the movie was developed in a completely different time period, which made its initial release impossible to find.

    Instead, Warner Bros. is hoping to bring back the original films in the near future.

    That means DCEUs will get their movies restored, re-released, and remastered, with the aim of giving audiences a better idea of what the films were like in the years before they were pulled from theaters.

    But that’s not how Warner Bros., which has a very specific vision of how to tell its films, will go about doing that.

    The studio will only release a new trailer, which it will release on Friday, that will be followed by a full-length feature, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    That feature will be based on an initial trailer from the first DCEUM that debuted last year.

    The Wall Street Reporter said Warner Bros is hoping that fans of the original will be able to catch up on the movies before the new trailer. 

    The idea of a feature-length version of the films has been floated by various sources, but there’s been no concrete word from Warner Bros, who have not officially said if they plan to do that.

    In order to release a feature on a Thursday, Warner must first get the rights to the films from Paramount Pictures, who will then make a decision about whether to distribute the films.

    The process for that could take anywhere from months to a year, and Warner Bros could face a lawsuit over a distribution arrangement that it doesn’t want to sign.

    There’s no specific timeline as to when a feature would be released, but Warner Bros has already said it would be done by the end of this year.

    So if Warner Bros does have to pull the films in 2017, it’ll be in the next couple of years, according the Wall St Reporter.


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