A child’s learning centre in Australia could soon be up and running. 

    The ABC has learned the University of New South Wales has secured a $4 million contract with the learning centre to deliver the centre’s learning platform.

    “This is a major milestone in the development of the university’s Learning Center, a collaborative platform to connect students, educators, parents, and staff with the resources they need to succeed in higher education,” said the university.

    “We are pleased to have secured this long-term, high-profile partnership with a national leader in the field.”

    The learning centre will be located in the northern NSW town of Mudgee, which is also home to the University’s Institute for Learning Technology (ILT). 

    The new Learning Center will be managed by a consortium of universities, including the University at Hobart, the University College of New England, the Australian National University, the Curtin University, University of Queensland and the University the Gold Coast.

    The Learning Centre will be funded by the Department of Education, Innovation, Science and Technology (DIEST), the NSW Government and the Department for Primary Industries (DPI).

    It will provide learning and research facilities, support learning outcomes, and connect the university and community.

    It will also be a collaborative partnership between the university, the Learning Centre, and the community.

    “The Learning Center is an innovation hub that enables the university to deliver on its promise to transform and accelerate the lives of Indigenous Australians through innovative and culturally sensitive learning opportunities,” the university said in a statement.

    “With a national focus on the need to address the social and cultural impacts of the mining boom, it will be a significant contribution to the national dialogue around the impact of mining on Indigenous people.”

    The Learning Centres will be staffed by Indigenous students, who will be trained to manage and facilitate learning.

    The centre will also provide services for Aboriginal students, such as Indigenous language instruction, curriculum support, and Aboriginal art, fashion and craft development.

    The university said the centre would be the largest learning facility in Australia and will be connected to the university via the internet.

    “By connecting students to the learning infrastructure and other resources they can benefit from, the learning center will enable them to explore their own and others’ identities,” it said.

    “As well as enhancing their skills, the university hopes that it will lead to opportunities for further academic achievement and cultural engagement.”

    The university has secured funding from the DIEST to operate the centre.

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