A new study from the Learning Technology Research Centre at the University of Ottawa shows why people need to take a deeper dive into a language to learn how to do things.

    In the study, students were taught to understand a particular noun and verb from a story that they had already heard before.

    The story was from the book “Gods Among Us” by Ken Follett.

    The students had read the book before, but now were tasked with translating the noun and the verb into English.

    The study was published in the journal Applied Cognitive Science.

    The learners who were taught “The Big Lebowski” (a play about a bar fight between two of Lebowsky’s characters) learned the word “bar” from the story as well as the word’s meaning.

    They also learned the verb “to break.”

    “The Big Lemmings” (about a small boy and his cat) was not as successful.

    For those who didn’t know “The Lebowskis,” the main characters are played by Joel McHale and Billy Bob Thornton.

    In one scene, the characters are walking through a bar when a bar owner asks them if they want to go to the bar.

    The bar owner says no, but they could be there in an hour.

    “When we started the study we asked the students what they wanted to learn,” said the lead author, Daniel Janssen, an associate professor of information science at the university.

    One of the students who did the translation, Jordan, said it took him about six months to get through all the story, but he had already learned some grammar and vocabulary.

    It was difficult for him to translate “The Bar” because the word is so specific and the way he was translating the word, he said.

    A different student, Nick, said he was able to translate the word from the film.

    After the study ended, Nick and Jordan found that the students that had the study as a training program had much higher retention rates. “

    But once I had a better grasp of the word it’s a lot easier.

    After the study ended, Nick and Jordan found that the students that had the study as a training program had much higher retention rates.

    They found that participants who had taken the training program in the lab reported significantly lower retention rates in the classroom.

    The researchers believe that having an instructor to watch you and teach you to use the new skills is a great way to help students learn.


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