I was sitting in a dimly lit room of an antique store in Las Vegas, and I was having a few drinks with my friend and coworker, Brian.

    He was doing some work on his new mandolin, a model that was a little more expensive than the other mandolins in his shop, and he had been learning a new chord.

    I said, “What’s that?”

    “That’s the chord of the guitar,” Brian said.

    He had been playing it for about a month and he was having trouble finding the notes.

    He’d just been playing on the fretboard, and it just didn’t sound right.

    “Why are you playing that way?”

    I asked.

    “Because I’m Chinese,” he said.

    “You can’t even learn this in your own language.”

    When I asked him to explain what that meant, he said, the chords were really simple.

    “Just put the right hand down,” he told me.

    “Put the right finger down on the top string.”

    I was intrigued, and so I bought the mandolin.

    It took me a little while to get it to play, but it’s been a good learning experience.

    I had learned the chord in the middle of the night, while I was at work.

    And when I finally did, I immediately found that I could play it without any practice.

    The lesson was very clear, and if I had been able to learn it in a more familiar way, I could have gotten a few notes out of it, too.

    Learning Mandarin The Learning Mandarin method teaches the student to pick up a piece of Mandarin, which means that they can write a word that translates to Chinese characters into Chinese and play it.

    It’s not a difficult language, but there are a few important differences that make it difficult to learn.

    One is that the written language doesn’t actually translate to the spoken language.

    Instead, you’re just using the phonetic alphabet.

    You’re trying to memorize sounds in the written word, but you’re not actually using those sounds in your mouth.

    This can be frustrating because the sounds that make up the sounds in Mandarin are different from those in English.

    You have to remember to pronounce certain consonants in Mandarin, and certain vowels in English, too, but for the most part, it’s just a matter of memorizing the phonetics.

    The other problem with the written Chinese language is that it doesn’t come with a phonetic dictionary.

    For example, a few months ago, I went to a music store and tried to pick out the word for “piano” in Mandarin.

    I was able to identify it, but the dictionary couldn’t find it.

    So I was like, “That sounds really good, but what’s the pronunciation?”

    So I looked at the dictionary and the phonemes in it.

    That was frustrating, because I wanted to be able to hear the word, I wanted it to sound like it was written in the dictionary, but I couldn’t actually do that.

    The second difficulty with the Chinese language and the written is that there are no phonetic rules in it, and the only way to learn a language is to try and translate from the written into the spoken.

    I found this out when I was in the Philippines and we were doing a study group.

    I’d taken English classes in Japan, but when we were studying Mandarin, I had to study a lot of Chinese, too — a lot.

    One of the things I was trying to learn was the pronunciation of the Mandarin words, so I took notes, and then I’d just listen to the words as they were spoken.

    For instance, when I say I’m going to eat, I mean that I’m gonna eat, but if I hear the words “I’m going,” I’m thinking, “I might have to ask you to translate it to ‘I’m eating,'” or “I mean that.”

    I think that the easiest way to improve your Chinese is to listen to yourself speak, to try to translate what you’re saying into the sounds of the language.

    If you can do this, you’ll get a lot better at it.

    Learning to Play Guitar As I mentioned earlier, learning guitar is a very different skill than learning Mandarin.

    The way you learn to play guitar is very similar to learning to write a song.

    The difference is that in guitar, you have to do it slowly.

    You can do it at a pace that’s slow and steady.

    When you’re learning to play a song, you don’t have the time to practice the songs over and over.

    You just pick a song that you’re happy with, then start playing it, play a few chords, and see if you can learn it.

    When I started learning to guitar, I started by playing the songs that I liked.

    Then I moved on to the songs I liked the most.

    Once I was playing a few songs


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