(AP) � You can find the perfect fit for you at the new Espars Learning Center, which opens on Jan. 1.

    It�s the brainchild of a team of nursing students and former students of the University of Colorado at Denver, which is partnering with the nonprofit to build the center and its many facilities in Denver.

    The center will offer classes in health sciences and nursing.

    The nonprofit, Esparsk HealthCare Co., said the center will be a resource for anyone interested in learning more about the process of nursing.

    It is not yet clear how much the center, a new learning center for a nursing facility, will cost.

    The facility is expected to open by the end of the year.

    Esparss HealthCare says it will offer a wide range of programs, from clinical and therapeutic care to learning about nutrition and health, to support and wellness and to personal growth.

    The goal is to create a model for how a nursing home can become a community health care facility.

    The site will also include a full-service hospital and outpatient care facility and a clinical research center.

     The center will not have a full staff, but the nurses and residents who work there will have access to a range of clinical care and care coordination.

    Esperss Healthcare has opened dozens of other nursing homes across the country, including one in North Carolina, and in 2015 opened the New Hampshire nursing home where former President Bill Clinton was the governor for the past five years.

    The company, which also operates the state�s largest nursing home, is one of the largest employers in the state.

    It has more than 10,000 employees, including more than 30,000 on staff in Colorado.

    ESPARS said in a statement that the learning center will provide training for residents and staff.

    The organization will be working with community partners to establish a partnership to build and operate the center.

    EsParss Health said it will invest $40 million over five years to build, renovate and open the center in the first phase.

    Espresso bar, hot dogs, cookies and other treats, and other food items are on sale.

    The space has a kitchen, meeting rooms and a snack bar.

    The building has been empty since the fall of 2017, when the nonprofit closed the facility.

    EsPARS HealthCare said the learning centre will offer clinical and social skills for nursing students, as well as a variety of services to the general public.


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