Sophia Learning has signed up to a $50 million funding round led by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, bringing the company’s educational technology to the classroom.

    The funding will support its work to integrate its platform with more than 1,300 schools in 45 countries, with plans to expand to more schools by 2020.

    The $50m funding round was led by Andreessen founder Andreessen, who announced the move in a tweet last week.

    Sophia is a company that we are very excited to be working with. Horowitz/status/90325361318758424 Sophia Learning’s platform will use an intelligent learning system to automatically create, customize, and customize learning materials for students across a wide range of learning contexts.

    The company will also offer the learning platform to schools, parents, educators, and the public.

    In a statement, Sophia Learning said:We are thrilled to be part of this funding round, which will help us expand our offerings and reach more students and educators in education.

    The technology and learning that our students learn and engage in through the Sophia Learning platform will transform how educators interact with their students, making learning more fun and engaging.

    Sophia will continue to focus on education through education-related business initiatives, and will expand to other sectors of the economy in the coming years.

    Sophia Learning’s technology has the potential to enable educators to create personalized learning experiences for students that are more engaging, relevant, and connected to the learning environment.

    Sophia Learning will be a leader in the education technology space with a range of innovative products that will empower educators to deliver learning experiences that are relevant, meaningful, and authentic.

    We believe this funding will enable us to be a strong leader in this space and help build a stronger and more vibrant learning ecosystem.

    Sofia Learning is also working on a line of educational accessories that will help schools create personalized, immersive learning experiences.

    The devices will help teachers and parents understand and control their students’ learning, improve their learning outcomes, and build meaningful relationships.


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