When you look at the performance of the S&P 500, it’s easy to see how much the stock market is doing well.

    The S&amps stock market index rose almost 20% from July through November, which was the largest annual gain since September 2008.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average also rose 19% during the same period.

    And it’s not just the S.&amp.;P 500.

    The Nasdaq Composite is up 16% over the same time period, the S &Rk index is up 11% and the Russell 2000 is up 10%.

    But when you look a little deeper, you can see how far behind the S;P500 has fallen.

    The 10-year Treasury yield on the 10-day Treasury has fallen by more than 100 basis points from 5.25% to 4.85%.

    The 10 year Treasury bond yields have dropped by more on the S and S&ams, the 10 year government bond yields by about 70 basis points, and the 10 month Treasury yield by about 35 basis points.

    This all has a lot to do with the fact that the market is trying to adjust to the fact the U.S. economy has slowed.

    The economy is still growing, but it’s slowed because the economy is so reliant on the Federal Reserve’s monetary stimulus.

    The Fed has been able to push inflation up, but with the economy so weak that it is unable to sustain its expansionary policies, it is increasingly difficult to get a decent recovery going.

    So it’s been difficult for the Fed to keep the economy from contracting further, which has led to slower economic growth.

    The S&am and S;p stocks have been relatively strong throughout the year, as the Semiconductor Industry Council said in a report released Friday.

    The index has grown more than 4% annually, the council said.


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