New York City teacher Katie Gorman, who was born with bipolar illness, was diagnosed in 2015 and told she could not cope with her condition.

    She was told she needed to change her diet, and that she should take medication for it.

    After she struggled to find medication, Gorman found the online community for bipolar disorder called Plato Learning Care Group.

    “I found a lot of helpful information, so I started going to that group and I started talking to other people, like teachers,” Gorman said.

    In December 2016, Gormans parents had a phone call from a friend who had bipolar disorder and was in the midst of trying to get her medication.

    Gorman, 31, said she began seeing Plato, which provides support groups for parents who have bipolar disorder, after the friend made contact with a counselor at the organization.

    “I saw the positive things they were saying about it, and then I thought I could do this, I could be a better person,” Gorman said.

    “So I called up the coordinator and he just said, ‘You know what, we can help you.'”

    Gorman said she had not considered herself a “bad person” when she started.

    Her parents agreed to take her on a six-week course at the center and helped her navigate through the transition.

    Gormans learning care group has been a great support group for her.

    The support has been really helpful.

    She said she is still learning, and she said her parents have been supportive of her.

    Gorynna Gorman has been teaching English in a preschool and elementary school for more than 30 years.

    She was diagnosed and had bipolar symptoms in the early 2000s.

    Goryan said the support from her parents and the support of her classmates has been “incredible.”

    “I think it is a really big thing, especially in this day and age, in a very difficult time like this, in an era when there is such an increase in mental health,” she said.

    The Gorman family has been through many transitions in recent years.

    Before she was diagnosed, she worked in the city schools system.

    Since the diagnosis, she said she has worked in other roles, including at a youth hostel.

    She said she’s been lucky to have her teachers, who have been there since she was a child, and the teachers that are still there.

    “The people I work with are amazing, I love working with them.

    I don’t get to say that enough, because they are my friends,” she added.

    Giorgi Gorman hopes to teach in the New York State School District and hopes to start at the elementary school level.


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