The best part about blended learning is the simplicity, but the downside is that it’s also incredibly confusing.

    That’s because it doesn’t give you all the tools you need to make it work.

    That means you need help.

    So here are a few tips to help you make it happen.


    Get started with the basics of blended learning.

    These are the things you need for a learning system that’s going to work for you.

    The core principles of blended systems are: • Learning to learn • Combining elements of your learning environment into a single lesson • Developing a personalized learning experience.

    These three principles can be applied to any kind of learning system, from the simple to the complex.

    This is a good place to start.

    Learn more 2.

    Create a personal learning experience, no matter what.

    You can create your own personalized learning experiences using the tools in the Learning Tools and the Learning Experience.

    You just need to get started.


    Build your own learning environment.

    You don’t need to be a professional designer, but you can make your learning system as easy as possible with the tools included in the Create Learning Environment and the Creating Learning Environment.


    Learn about blended systems from experts.

    Learn what you need from the experts in the blended learning world and use them to teach your child at home.


    Use the right tools for your learning.

    Some blended learning systems can be difficult to navigate, while others may be too complex for your child to learn with.

    That might be a good reason to take a look at the Learning Learning tools.

    There’s also the Learning Environment tool that can help you quickly get started with a blended learning experience or the Create learning environment that can make a learning experience easier for your son.


    Find a blend of resources.

    Some people find blended learning a challenge, but there’s a lot to love about the Learning Experiences and the Create and Create Learning environments.

    Here are some resources that might help you get started: The Learning Experience, Learning Experience: Learning to Learn, Learning Environment, Learning Resources, Learning Learning Tools, Learning Tools for Learning, Learning Resource, Learning Video, Learning Videos, Learning Services, Learning Spaces, Learning Systems, Learning Technologies, Learning Technology, Learning Toys, Learning, Teaching, Teaching Tools, Teach at Home, Teaching at Home Resources, Teaching Services, Teach and Learning, Teach for the First Time, Teach Learning, and Teach for a Child.


    Choose the right blended learning resources.

    If you want to use a blended system that can be used by anyone, choose the right blend.

    For example, if your son wants to learn by ear, you can combine the Learning Resources and the Teaching Environment together.

    Or, if you have a young child who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by a lot of materials, you could use the Learning Video for a personalized blended learning program that doesn’t require a lot more than the learning materials you already have.


    Learn from your own teachers.

    If there’s one thing that’s been known to happen when using blended learning, it’s that kids learn better if they get help from their teachers.

    Find out more about learning in the teaching at home category.


    Get help when you need it.

    There are a lot tools available that can support learning and teaching at the same time.

    Check out the Learning Services for Learning Resources section for some options.

    For more information on learning and how to use them, read our article on blended learning and blended learning for kids.


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