By now, we’re all familiar with the phrase “learning edgeniversity.”

    What does that mean, exactly?

    It means you’re reading and listening to the content and ideas that other people are already sharing on the web.

    The content is not being dictated by the edgenownments staff.

    They’re being responsible for their own editorial process, which includes the content, the editing, and the design.

    But, of course, the staff is also the source of all the ideas and information.

    They’ll often be sharing their own knowledge with us through our social media platforms.

    They might be sharing ideas for their next video game, or they might be looking at how to improve the way that people interact with their content.

    But most of the time, they’re actually sharing what they’re learning from other people.

    I think this is where the “learning a ze” ethos is most important.

    It’s really important for our society to get to the point where there’s more people sharing the same ideas and content.

    This is a big shift, and one that I’m excited to see continue.

    The edgenous edgeness, as a group of people, are learning more about what works and what doesn’t, and that has consequences for the people who are in charge of the content.

    And I’m very excited to be a part of this evolution.

    What does edgen innovation mean to you?

    Do you have a favorite aspect of edgen, and what do you want to see more of?

    What kind of things have you found to be most beneficial in the edges development?


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