We can make a really good compass.

    And it’s cheap.

    And we’ve got lots of it.

    But what you really need to know is how to make one yourself.

    You might be wondering, ‘why bother?’

    Read on for the answers to the following questions: What is a compass?

    What do I need to make it?

    How do I make a map?

    How many pieces do I use?

    What size are the compass pieces?

    What’s the best way to make the compass?

    Here’s everything you need to start building your own compass.1.

    The basic shape of a compass is a circle, and it’s made of six pieces: a ring, a stem, a tail, and an apex.

    This is where we start.

    You’ll need a compass stem to make your compass, and a compass ring for its tip.

    A compass stem can be bought online, or you can make one from scrap materials.

    Here’s what you’ll need: A compass ring – a string that you can find in a hardware store.

    A screwdriver – one that will be long enough to reach around the tip of your compass stem and pull the string.

    A pair of scissors – scissors that will cut through the string and leave a small piece of string hanging around the end.

    A paperclip – scissors to cut off a section of string that’s going to be the tip.

    You can use any type of string, but we’re going to use a 3.5mm string.

    You will also need a ruler, but you won’t need a regular ruler, just a ruler that’s longer than the compass stem.

    A needle and thread – for measuring your compass length.

    A set of glue sticks – glue sticks that will hold the string on to the stem and the ring.

    For this tutorial, we’re using an 8mm piece.

    This will work fine for us, but if you’re not sure what size of compass stem you have, we recommend using a ruler or measuring tape.

    A ruler is a fine tool, but it’s not exactly the most expensive option.

    Here are some other ways you can buy a ruler: If you want a nice-looking compass, you can get a really nice one from a crafts store.

    If you just want to make something, you should get a compass that is at least a size that’s long enough for you to reach inside the ring of the compass and cut out the tips.

    This way, you’ll have something that’s comfortable for you and your kids.

    You can make any shape of compass you like.

    For example, you could make a circular one that is about 2cm in diameter and 4cm long.

    You could make one that’s about the size of a pencil eraser.

    You should make one like this.

    It will fit in your pocket and will not be visible when you’re trying to work with it.

    If your compass doesn’t have a stem or ring, you may need to drill a hole into the stem or the ring to make sure it stays in place.

    The tips of the stem can also be cut out.

    Here, we are making a compass made of wood and plastic.

    We made this with a compass base made from scrap scrap wood.

    We are using this compass base as a guide.

    The base is a piece of metal and wood that can be cut and glued together to make any kind of compass shape you like, and you can use whatever type of compass that you like for this project.

    You want a compass where you can see the stem, but where the tip is hidden away in the ring, and not visible when the stem is used.

    You may need a drill to make holes in the stem so you can fit a needle in there.

    The tip can be used to cut out any small piece.

    If it’s a small enough piece, you don’t need to worry about the tip getting into your pocket.2.

    You have to make two pieces of the same size to make this compass.

    To make this, you will need to cut two different sizes of compass, the stem in the middle and the tip at the end, and then glue them together.

    Here is what you will use to glue the two halves together: Tape – glue strips of tape that you will be using to fasten the stem to the ring and stem.

    Needle and thread glue sticks, also called “straw” glue, are very flexible and will stay on for years if you don.t wash them.

    You use glue sticks to make them.

    Some people use “gluing” sticks, which is to make several pieces of glue stick together, but that’s not necessary for this tutorial.

    If, like us, you use scissors, you might be able to use glue stick and scissors to glue them, but don’t use scissors or glue sticks.

    A large, sharp knife is the best tool for this task.

    If we were to do this with scissors, we would probably need a large, straight blade to make that happen. It’s


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