Learning disability expert and educator Lisa Fazio says a video of her son Homer learning English in his native language has been viewed more than 100 million times.

    Fazie says she’s grateful for the attention and that it shows that there’s hope for her son.

    She says, ‘I know that I am in the presence of someone who is a true teacher of the art of language and it’s really very humbling to me to see the outpouring of support and the outpourings of love that is being shown.’

    Homer learning disabilities is a really complicated condition, and I’m hoping that this will help raise awareness for the problem.’

    A special education teacher in her 50s, Fazier says her son, who has learning disabilities, is struggling with language.

    She’s grateful to be able to share his video with his peers and with her family.

    ‘I don’t have the luxury of not having a video that my son can share.’

    It’s important that the message that’s being sent is that we can’t be afraid to ask for help and we can find the right solution.’

    Fazie said her son is one of about 100,000 people who have a special needs student in their district.’

    They are the most important part of our school,’ she said.’

    That’s a huge responsibility.

    It’s a big responsibility.’

    But we’re also the ones who have to support them.’

    The kids are our life, and we’ve got to be there when they need us.’

    I can’t imagine the kind of support that my children are going to get when they come to school.’

    She says she wants to help other parents to share their experiences with their kids and to encourage others to share.

    Fazier is the founder of a website called The Art of Language for the Learning Disabled.

    She started the website to share her son’s story.’

    My son was one of the few kids in our elementary school,’ said Fazian.’

    He was the one who was always talking to the teacher, but he was always the one asking questions.’

    And now he is in a special education program.’

    We wanted to share what he was going through and how it was affecting him, so he could understand that there was hope for him and the rest of us.’

    Frazie said she’s trying to reach out to other parents with special needs to encourage them to share the stories of their kids.’

    As a teacher and as a parent, I know how important it is to have a safe environment for the kids,’ she added.’

    So I think that’s why I’m going to keep on pushing for this.’

    This video has helped him, and it has given him a little bit of hope.’

    His teacher is very supportive of him.’

    In the end, he just needs a little more support.’

    She hopes the attention from the video will lead to other families who have special needs children to be more supportive of their children.’

    There is hope out there for our kids.

    It will hopefully bring more attention to this issue,’ she concluded.


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