Michael Learned how to Code in C#, Now He wants to Work with Startups article By Michael learned to code, but it was not until he was 19 that he started taking classes at his local university.

    This led to a year-long program at his college where he learned to create his own web apps.

    Michael now uses these skills to help companies grow and attract new talent.

    Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University, but now he is working on a Masters degree in computer engineering at the University of California at Berkeley.

    He also runs a small startup called Muralium which focuses on creating interactive maps for people with disabilities.

    Michael said he started learning to code as a way to “learn how to think in a new way”.

    He said the experience was liberating, but not without its challenges.

    “Learning to code was very liberating.

    It was something that I was doing to get away from school and do something fun and to have something to do that I enjoyed doing,” he said.”

    But you can be distracted.

    There’s a lot of distractions.

    There was a lot going on at home.”

    He also said he had a hard time finding mentors and making friends, especially during his first year of coding.

    “You’re always in the background, and there are people around you and you don’t know what to do,” he explained.

    “It’s very hard to make friends.

    I just don’t feel comfortable making friends.”

    Michael said it was a long journey for him to get to where he is today.

    He hopes to continue his education at UC Berkeley and then eventually work for his mentor, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

    “I’m really excited about that,” he concluded.


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