Learn from Israel’s leadership on education, but not just in the halls of power, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said.

    In a keynote address in New York on Wednesday, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein urged countries to build on Israel’s successes, but urged them to do so in a way that respects human rights.

    “Israel has shown itself to be an example of an inclusive and resilient democracy, an example that demonstrates the value of pluralism and the importance of human rights,” he said.

    “But it is not enough to build a plural democracy by giving everyone the same rights.

    It is not possible to achieve the best of human values in a democracy where we are all equal.”

    We have to build plural democracy in a society where everyone’s rights are equally respected and that does not mean that everyone has to live up to every single expectation.

    It means that everyone must live up with every single one of them.

    “Zeid said that in his country, there are still some challenges to overcome, but that the country’s leaders have shown a remarkable resilience and resilience that has given them a great deal of hope.”

    The most remarkable thing is that in a country that was destroyed by the Nazis and the genocidal policies of the state, there were still people who believed in human rights, people who wanted to live and that the state has to stand up for them,” he added.”

    When they were killed, the state stood up for the victims.

    When they were murdered, the government stood up to protect them.

    When their children were killed and their sons were killed they stood up and said, ‘We are going to protect you’.

    “The UN High Commission for Human Right has called for Israel to uphold and defend the rights of Palestinian citizens, who have been subject to a decades-long military occupation, including a 2014 law that made it illegal to protest the occupation.

    In his speech, Zeideh also urged the governments of the Arab states to stop making excuses for Israel, and to ensure that human rights violations are investigated and justice is done.

    Zeid also called on the governments in the Gulf countries, which host Israel’s biggest military base, to “make clear to their citizens that we will not tolerate impunity for any crime.”

    The UN’s human rights commissioner said the Arab countries have not only failed to hold Israel to account but also to take effective action to hold the Israeli authorities accountable for abuses against Palestinians.


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