A video game developer has revealed he has been diagnosed a week after he had a second surgery on his back.

    Matt Storrs, 34, had been in the hospital for two weeks and his doctor said he was going to be discharged from hospital in a couple of weeks, NBC News reported.

    “He said that he would be coming out of the hospital with a new life, but he had another surgery and they would have to do another one, ” Storriers father, Scott Storrie, told NBC News.

    “They’re going to have to put him in a coma for a while,” Storris’ father told the network.

    Storrs said his son was diagnosed with a form of cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes.

    “His neck and his back, and his whole body has been affected,” Scott Storey said.

    “He’s had two surgeries and they’re having to do two more.”

    Storries brother, Ryan Storries, told ABC News that Storrings doctors told him the doctor thought he was in remission.

    “I think that’s how it works with the doctors,” Ryan Storeys father said.

    Storing up the painAs for the health problems he’s faced, Storres family told the news outlet that he is still recovering and he’s still battling the disease.

    “Matt has been battling this for a long time,” Storie said.

    “There was a time when I said ‘Well, he’s got a lot of things going on.'”

    “Now he’s a different person,” Scott said.

    The Storreys have raised over $3,000 for Storriais care.

    “We’re very, very happy that he’s out of there.

    He’s not really going to recover,” Scott told ABC.


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