Learning to speak in India can be a long, hard slog, even for the best of us.

    We’re often told to go to a language-learning app to get our bearings and get familiar with our new-found surroundings.

    But when it comes to learning to read, it can be very different, especially for the more advanced learners.

    The biggest challenge we face is how to get the right kind of context for a book or a lesson to work.

    If we’re not reading a book in a particular language, how do we know what we’re reading about?

    If we’re using a language app for learning a new word, how can we determine the meaning of that word?

    And, of course, when we are reading a piece of literature, we often have to decide whether or not to reread it, because we might be learning the meaning behind it.

    In short, learning a foreign language can be an extremely challenging process for learners, especially when it’s done in a foreign culture.

    For these reasons, we’re launching a new initiative, Language Learning App (LLE), to help people learn to read in India.

    As we’re always looking to make the learning process easier for our customers, we’ve partnered with one of India’s top language learning apps to help them learn in the country.

    The LLE program is the brainchild of the Centre for Research on Learning (CRL), which has been working for over a decade to make learning to learn in India a reality for people of all ages.

    The aim of the program is to empower learners through a simple, free learning tool.

    Language Learning App’s team, which includes scientists, designers, and developers, has already raised more than Rs 10 crore through an Indiegogo campaign.

    This will help the company raise funds for the LLE app.

    The goal is to build out the LNE app to help more people in India learn to speak the language.

    We’ve launched the Lle app in several languages.

    This app is a first step for the company to create a platform that’s used by people across the world.

    LLE is a free app for beginners and it uses a deep understanding of the local language to create the right context for learning.

    The app will enable anyone to learn the language in a variety of ways.

    It’s easy to use, with a single-click learning experience.

    In the past, people have to spend weeks or months learning a language.

    And while they can’t get into the habit of learning, they often don’t have enough time to practice, which is why people struggle.

    The LLE team is working on making learning to language more accessible.

    To learn more about the LFE, visit LLE’s website or read more about how the LRE app works in the blog post.


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